Based on the current advice/information from Susanne Page (Midwife and Pregnancy for Yoga instructor).

Pregnancy yoga has been used throughout many centuries to promote health and wellbeing for mothers and babies during their pregnancy and beyond.


pregnancy yogaWhat is pregnancy yoga?

It involves breath awareness, physical posture practices, meditation and relaxation.


Is yoga safe in pregnancy?

It is advisable that women considering the practice of yoga during their pregnancy should preferably attend a specialist pregnancy yoga class run by a qualified instructor, rather than a regular yoga class. Classes are offered throughout Bolton.


What are the benefits of yoga during pregnancy?

Yoga practices are used to facilitate relief from the common conditions of pregnancy and help mothers to cope with uncomfortable symptoms such as nausea, heartburn, backache, pelvic pain, insomnia, fatigue and anxiety. They are also used to help prepare and strengthen mothers both physically and emotionally for their birthing experience. Yoga can help with attaining an optimal fetal position so that the baby is in the best possible position when the time for birth arrives.

Breathing and meditation practices are a skill that can be learnt by anyone, and can be used during everyday life to help lower stress hormones. During pregnancy this is particularly beneficial for the health and wellbeing of mothers and babies and for the development of their baby. During birthing, these skills can encourage a calmer, more confident and self empowered birthing experience. Posture practices are used to encourage self-awareness, strength and flexibility.

Attending a pregnancy yoga class can also provide peer support and friendship during a time of great personal change. It can be an opportunity where mothers-to-be can safely spend time with their baby, encouraging a special and unique lifetime bond whilst also allowing the mother time and space to nurture herself.