How to register your baby

Every baby born in England and Wales must be registered within 42 days of the date of birth. This should be done in the Registration District where the birth took place.

It is no longer possible to register births at the Royal Bolton Hospital following a review of democratic services at Bolton Council. Births and deaths now need to be registered at the town hall or the register office (Mere Hall).  Both venues will register by appointment only.  To make an appointment for either venue you can go online at or call 01204 331185.


Who can register baby’s birth?

If when the baby was born, or conceived, the parents were married to each other – either parent can register the birth. If the parents were/are not married to each other, the registrar may only enter the father’s details if both parents attend together to register.
(If it is not possible to enter the father’s details at the time of registration in some circumstances it is possible to do this at a later date).

What information is needed?

About the baby

  1. The date and place of birth and, if more than one baby was born, the time of each birth
  2. Whether the baby is a boy or girl
  3. The forenames and surname the baby is to be given (careful consideration should be given to the spellings of names as they may not be able to be changed at a later date)

About baby’s mother

  1. Her first names and surnames and any other names being used, or used previously
  2. Her date and place of birth and her usual address when the baby was born
  3. If married, the date of marriage to baby’s father and the number of previous children
  4. Her occupation before baby’s birth or, if unemployed, her last occupation

About baby’s father

  1. His first names and surname and any other names being used, or used previously
  2. His date and place of birth
  3. His occupation at the time of the birth, or if unemployed, his last occupation.

(You will also be asked to provide more information about the occupations given, which is for statistical purposes. You are not obliged to give this information but it is useful for statistical analysis).

The registrar will ask you to check all the information you have given to make sure it is correct before it is entered into the register. It is very difficult to correct mistakes once the details are in the register.

Birth certificates

Once the baby has been registered the registrar will issue a short birth certificate, which shows the baby’s name, sex, date and place of birth, free of charge. You may buy others if you need them. You may also buy full birth certificates, which show all the details in the register (both the baby and parents’ details), at the time of registration or at any time afterwards.

Bolton Register Office, Merehall, Merehall Street, Bolton BL1 2QT
01204 331185