Informed consent

Caring for women and families within maternity services is our priority and often involves an examination, medical procedure and or an investigation/screening procedure.

Prior to any of these being undertaken the health care professional will use the latest information to discuss with you why we recommend this to be taken and what will happen during the procedure.

Your consent will be requested prior to each procedure even if you have undertaken the same procedure before.

No procedure will be undertaken without  your consent however minor this may be. For some procedures this will be obtained verbally and for other procedures this will be taken by asking you to sign a consent form.

Informed consent may be taken at the time of the procedure or several hours, days or weeks before. If new information or your medical needs change before the procedure commences we will discuss this with you and seek your consent again.

If you are unsure of the information provided or wish to receive additional information  please ask the midwife, doctor or health professional to discuss this further. On some occasions the health care professional will also inform you of additional procedures that may be required during the procedure itself and ask you to consent to these being undertaken in advance. 

For example when planning a caesarean section advanced consent would be requested to undertake unplanned emergency procedures in the event you are unable to consent due to general anaesthesia or lack capacity.

In the event an emergency procedure was required and you had not previously consented to additional procedures a senior doctor would act in your best interest and undertake necessary procedures to prevent you from serious harm or death.