Ingleside Birth & Community Centre

What is a birth centre?

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A birth centre is a small, ‘home from home’, midwife led birth setting. Ingleside is classed as a ‘freestanding birth centre’ which means it is situated away from your local hospital. Your care will be provided by highly trained and experienced midwives and midwifery care assistants who will ensure you and your baby are cared for and safe. In the rare event that you or your baby require medical support you and your baby will be immediately transferred to the Princess Anne Maternity Unit at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust (Bolton FT) via ambulance.

Ingleside is set in the most beautiful setting within Oakwood Park, Salford which is situated just off the East Lancashire road (A580) thus easily accessible to women within the Greater Manchester area. We believe Ingleside offers low risk women a unique birthing experience in a setting surrounded by nature in the heart of the community.

Watch the video below to find out more about Ingleside and the facilities available.


How will you know Ingleside is the best place for you to birth your baby?

At the start of your pregnancy your midwife will undertake a risk assessment of your health and well being and previous pregnancy history. If your pregnancy has been classified as ‘low risk’ your midwife can discuss your place of birth options and is able to offer Ingleside as a recommended place to birth your baby.

As your pregnancy progresses the health needs of you and your baby may change. If this happens we will transfer your care to an obstetrician (a doctor specially trained to care for women whose pregnancy is high risk).

At 36 weeks the midwife will undertake another risk assessment and check you and your baby has remained well throughout your pregnancy. The midwife will classify your pregnancy as low risk and recommend Ingleside if you:

  • Are expecting 1 baby
  • Have had an uncomplicated pregnancy
  • Your pregnancy is between 37 – 42 weeks
  • Your BMI is less than 35 at the start of your pregnancy
  • You are aged between 16 -40 years
  • You are not anaemic (iron level is 10gdl or above)
  • Your baby has developed normally and is head down
  • Your waters break and they are clear in colour
  • You have contractions that are regular and strong when labour starts

If your pregnancy remains low risk and you still wish to birth your baby at Ingleside the midwife will make the necessary arrangements for you to birth there. The midwife will give you the all the information you need to access Ingleside when your labour begins.

If your care is booked with another provider within Greater Manchester and you wish to birth your baby at Ingleside you will be offered the following options:

  1. Transfer all of your care to Bolton NHS Foundation Trust and have the majority of your care (antenatal, birth and postnatal) from Ingleside Birth & Community Centre.
  2. Transfer for the birth element only. This will require an assessment by a BFT midwife. Please contact us via email to book a visit / book a 36 week assessment.


Facilities at Ingleside

  • 4 spacious en-suite birthing rooms. Each room is decorated to have a modern, homely, relaxing feel
  • 4 large fixed under lit birth pools
  • Modular birthing cubes in each room to support a range of birthing positions
  • Projectors displaying natural images and sounds to help create a calming environment
  • Dimmable lighting and blackout blinds
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • A range of birthing aids including birth balls, birthing mats
  • Access to private outdoor patio area available from via the Lavender birthing room
  • Space in the rooms for dining and relaxing
  • Shared kitchen where you can prepare your own drinks and refreshments
  • Reception area, with seating and secure access
  • Ambulance bay when assistance is called for transfer
  • Large waiting room
  • 3 spacious clinical rooms and a large community room to deliver a range of ante-natal and post-natal services including; booking and follow up appointments, parent education and hypnobirthing courses.
  • A ‘Community hub for health’ offering a wide range of maternity and early years services
  • Free parking directly on the doorstep
  • Secured building, lighting and cameras


Benefits of birthing your baby at Ingleside

  • Midwife led birth setting is a safe birthing environment which provides a positive birthing experience
  • More likely to birth your baby naturally
  • You are less likely to need strong pain relief in labour because of the calming environment and support of the midwife
  • You are more likely to be able to adopt an upright position and walk around during labour in a beautiful setting. This helps your baby to make its way through your birth canal unaided.
  • A birthing pool is more likely to be available should you wish to labour or birth your baby in water. Water is very relaxing and soothing and can also shorten the length of labour
  • You are less likely to need an episiotomy (cut to perineum).
  • You are more likely to establish breastfeeding and continue successfully if you have had a positive birth experience.
  • Your family can be with you throughout your birth.


Risks associated with birthing your baby in a free standing birth centre when your pregnancy is low risk

In the rare event you or your baby will need transferring to hospital you will be transferred to Bolton NHS Foundation Trust to continue your care. The midwife will stay with you until your care is handed over.

Common reasons for transfer:

  • Need for stronger pain relief or epidural
  • Concerns with the baby’s heart beat
  • Delayed progress in labour
  • Any signs of infection
  • Abnormal blood loss
  • Baby presenting buttocks first
  • Raised blood pressure

This list is not exhaustive.

In an emergency midwives are training professionals to undertake immediate care until transfer


Birthing at Ingleside

When you are in labour you will need to contact Triage on (01204) 390612 at Bolton FT who will risk assess you and advise you on accessing Ingleside. It is not advised that you attend Ingleside prior to contacting Triage.

Following the birth of your baby you and your family will ‘normally’ stay in the birth centre for a couple of hours.  The midwife will check and ensure you and your baby are well, happy with how your baby is feeding and is ready to go home. The midwife will give you information about how contact the hospital, midwife or doctor if you have any concerns. Finally the midwife will arrange for a community midwife to visit you in your home the next day and for your baby to be examined.

If you or your baby need to stay longer you will be transferred to The Princess Anne Maternity Unit at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust Hospital where your care will be continued by our team of midwives, obstetricians and neonatologists as required.

Visiting Ingleside

We welcome visitors to Ingleside to share the beauty and facilities with the community. Please email us to request a tour.

Contact Details

Address: Ingleside Birth and Community Centre is on Swinton Park Road in Salford, M6 7WR


Facebook: @InglesideSalford

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