What happens when you have your baby in hospital

If you choose to have your baby in hospital you can choose to give birth in the hospital’s midwife-led birth suite, where focus is on relaxation and support. There is also a birthing pool.

The average length of time you should be in hospital is from a few hours to two days and you should take with you nappies, sanitary wear and toiletries. You may bring clothes for baby if you wish.

During your stay within the maternity unit you’ll receive help and support from midwives, health care assistants and other support workers, which may at times include student midwives and nurses. We will ensure you always receive a high quality service to meet your individual needs.


When you have been discharged from hospital you will usually be seen on the following day. Between five and seven days after leaving hospital the midwife will call to give your baby a screening blood test and check his or her weight.

If after ten to fourteen days all remains well you and your baby will be discharged by the midwife, but they may visit for longer if you need them. The midwife will then liaise with your health visitor to transfer care.

Midwives, however, are available for you to contact on their mobile phones from 8.30a.m. to 9p.m. if you have any queries or problems.