It is always rewarding to receive positive feedback from our patients and we are constantly striving to ensure that we provide the highest level of care possible. Please see below for some of the comments we have received recently.



“I came back to this hospital on Monday 16th April for an appointment in orthopaedics I was here to have a wire removed after bunion and my toe straightened. I was a bit nervous at first but was fine; the nurses in plaster room treated me with care and respect. Back to see the surgeon in 3 months’ time. Thank you for your care”

Posted on NHS Choices on 17th April 2018


Day care

“Came into this hospital yesterday to have an operation to remove a bunion was nervous at first but was cared for by the lovely doctors and nurses on the day care ward i was under the care of a doctor who came and saw me after my operation very well pleased with the care and aftercare provided by the team on this ward.

Thank you for everything”

Posted on NHS Choices on 07 March 2018



“Today I Visited Royal Bolton Hospital to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon regarding a Bunion removal. I was scared but when I entered the surgeon told me what was going to happen and gave me a date to have it done.  I left the hospital happy”

Posted on NHS Choices on 25 January 2018


Orthopaedic stay on G3

“I was admitted to G3 in December 2017, following a fall; fracturing my humorous. The day and night staff were excellent, always willing to help, keeping calm in emergencies and maintaining a professional, but caring atmosphere. As a retired NHS Director I was pleased to note how well the ward passed the fingertip on top of doorway test. This is without doubt due to the Ward Housekeeper and Domestic staffs observed dedication to getting it right. The food was excellent and very varied, allowing for wide choice. I found the clinical staff, Doctors, Nurses and Therapists engaging, good humoured and dedicated to my care and my understanding of my prognosis. Thank you”

Posted on NHS Choices on 08th January 2018


Service is outstanding

“I broke a bone in my foot in April this year and it didn’t heal naturally. I have recently had surgery to correct the problem. Throughout the whole process the staff at Royal Bolton Hospital have been amazing. I have been looked after extremely well and never felt that I was a burden to them which is again amazing since they are always so busy. I cannot recommend or praise them all highly enough. Thank you for looking after me.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 04 October 2017


“I was scheduled to have total hip-replacement surgery on 22 June 2017. I was told that lots of elective operations were cancelled and I was hoping this would not happen to me. I needn’t have worried. This was my first surgery in over four decades and I was a little scared. I did not need to be worried. The whole experience was brilliant from admission to discharge. The cleaners, nurses, surgeon, in fact everyone I encountered was simply marvellous. I cannot speak too highly about my experience with Bolton Royal Hospital and when I return in the future for my other hip-replacement surgery I shall not be worried.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02 July 2017


dynamic hip screw

“My partner Dorothy was taken to Bolton Royal after an accident as she had a broken hip. I would like to thank all from A and E also all wards she was in F3, G4, F4 and M1 for their excellent care of Dorothy. Most of her time was spent in G4 and M1, the staff were great with Dorothy and they are a credit to Bolton Royal as Bolton Royal is a credit to the NHS. Also big thanks to the surgeon who operated on Dorothy. Thank you all, keep up the excellent care.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 24 April 2017


Excellent ward

“Two weeks ago I had a total knee replacement operation. My care on G5 was exceptional. All the staff are so helpful and made my stay very comfortable.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 04 April 2017


“I went into the Royal Bolton, ward G5, on Monday to have surgery on my broken wrist and had to stay in overnight. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for all the staff: cleaners, health care workers, nurses, surgeons, anaesthetists etc with whom I came into contact. They all looked after me very well and treated me with respect and courtesy. A huge thank you to you all.”

Posted on Facebook 18 January 2017


“Excellent care from being told I need a knee replacement (age 36) right through to ward staff and physiotherapists. Brilliant staff who can’t do enough for you. I’ve had 16 knee operations and Bolton was by far the best care I’ve received. Thanks”

Posted on Facebook 16 December 2016


“Had a knee operation here yesterday. I found all staff to be excellent in dealing with all my concerns and getting my knee sorted.”

Posted on Facebook 15 December 2016


“I received elective TKR on the 19th October 2016. Fantastic ward, exceptional staff. Even though they were very short-staffed, every aspect of care was covered. Two particular members of staff were so attentive to my needs and also explained every aspect of what was necessary. They are a credit to this ward. I would recommend my surgeon and all the staff on this ward to everyone. A credit to Royal Bolton Hospital. Thank you once again for my care.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 27 October 2016


Elective hip replacement

“The target wait time of 18 weeks from first referral to hospital admission was not met, which was a shame. Every other aspect of my elective hip replacement surgery was excellent. The three visits to Bolton One (x-ray; meeting with orthopaedic clinician; pre-op assessment) were excellent. Friendly efficient staff; pleasant surroundings; appointments all on time.
The appointments at Royal Bolton Hospital were equally efficient, well organised with friendly, motivated and efficient staff.
The operation itself and stay in Ward G5 could not have been bettered. All the staff were extremely professional and dedicated. The surgery itself, the short stay in the recovery room and the subsequent return to the ward were all handled in an excellent manner. The nursing staff on the ward were first class – both day and night shifts. All the support staff were equally efficient and friendly. All the facilities were clean and comfortable. Despite the work load on the ward I was able to be discharged two days after the operation.
Very impressive; thank you to everyone involved.”

Visited in June 2016. Posted on NHS Choices website 20 June 2016


“Although there was no evidence of my pre assessment which was done over the phone the nursing staff were very good and promptly filled in another one.  I was visited by the consultant who explained the procedure, they were friendly and reassuring. All the staff on g5 and theatre were reassuring and kind after my procedure I was offered toast and a brew. I was home for 1030 after a 730 admission so very fast and competent. Thank you to all for making my visit as pleasant as it could be.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 01 April 2016


Fantastic staff!

“I was admitted to ward G5 at 7.00am for a steroid hip injection on Thursday 3rd March. On arrival I was made to feel very welcome and the nurse was very friendly.
After about an hour I became very agitated as I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks and I started to get upset, shaking and crying. The nurse came over at once and pulled the curtain for my privacy and tried to calm me down by reassuring me about the procedure. I was taken to the day room to watch TV to take my mind off things. The nurses were so caring.
At about 10.15 I was walked down to theatre, again I became quite anxious and the staff were very patient and again reassuring. Whilst waiting in another room the surgeon came to see if I was ok and again I burst into tears, I was terrified. They told me I was totally in control at all times and I could ask them to stop at any time and if needed we could try another day. They asked did I want to wait 10 minutes but I decided to just get it over and done with and was greeted by some lovely members of staff in the theatre. A wonderful nurse held my hand and talked to me all the time during the procedure, at one point it did hurt and I they just told me to breathe and kept me focused. In 10 minutes it was all over and I was wheeled back to the ward and given a cracking brew and some toast and jam. The nurses kept taking my obs and asked how I was feeling over the next couple of hours which was thankfully calm but very tired. I was discharged at around 12.30.
I would like to thank each and every single person who looked after me (including my wonderful husband) who was allowed to stay with me the whole time (apart from theatre). If it wasn’t for the caring patient staff, I might not have stayed and had a much needed procedure.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 03 March 2016


“Thanks to Lynne in the Orthopaedic Dept. It was a real pleasure to meet and be treated by a highly professional and expert practitioner. I have received good advice and great treatment. All delivered with good humour.

Posted on NHS Choices website 5th December 2015


J.Roberts gave Orthopaedics at Royal Bolton Hospital a rating of 5 stars.
“I’ve had surgery four weeks ago & I have to say it was extremely positive. The staff were excellent can’t fault them. One nurse on night shift was especially helpful, nothing was too much trouble for them. Well done G5 & Mr Wykes.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 23.10.15


“I had an appointment on the 21st July 2015 for Adult Trauma & Orthopaedics Clinic. My appointment was for 2:00 pm. I was called at one minute past 2:00 pm. I cannot remember the nurse that checked my arm. They did not rush or hurt my arm. They were excellent, and answered all my questions. I noticed all the staff, smiled, which was really appreciated. Reception were so helpful, everything was spotless clean. I just hope in the future if I have to visit hospital, my GP will refer me to Bolton One again. I shall certainly ask them if I have to.”

Posted on NHS Choices 27.07.15


“From the moment I entered ward G5 on the 22/7/15 I was immediately put at ease by a friendly nurse. I cannot stress enough that the whole team on the ward for the 24 hours I was there were absolutely fantastic. I would like to thank everyone who helped me during my short stay, the cleaner, all the nurses, the doctor, the anaesthetist ( sorry I can’t remember their name) who came to see me the day after my operation, the whole team from theatre 5 and of course the surgeon who came to see me before my operation to explain everything they were going to do and then came back to see me at 8.30 in the evening to again reassure me and let me know what they had done. I cannot praise this whole team enough.
Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 23.07.15


Unexpected admittance to G4 following a fall
“After falling in a car park and later realising the fall was more serious than it was, my husband took me to A&E where after a relatively short period of time (3-4hrs) I had been x-rayed with no firm conclusion. It was then decided to keep me in. The next day an orthopaedic surgeon came to see me and to advise that as the X-ray was not clear enough, I would need to have a CT scan that day. If there was a bad break there would be an operation. Another orthopaedic surgeon came later to explain why surgery might be necessary. CT scan showed a fracture but no requirement for an operation. After being seen by two sets of physiotherapists over the next two days I was discharged on day 4. I was fully informed throughout. Staff worked really hard and were really busy, both nursing and healthcare assistants. Very caring and compassionate but perhaps a little more attention required in dealing with a couple of the older, frailer patients with regards to their mealtimes i.e. Ensuring they can hold a cup properly and feed themselves!”

Posted on NHS Choices website 15.07.15


“I came in to G5 on April 22nd 2015. I cannot fault any of the staff on G5 they were all very nice and helpful. I would also like to thank the operating staff and the recovery staff they were great. They calmed me down as I was very nervous but I had no need to worry. Everyone was so amazing and I made some nice friends too. Congratulations to everyone again on the excellent care I received on the short time I was there. Well done to you all. We must save the NHS they do a brilliant job.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 24.04.15


“I had an ACL reconstruction surgery about 2 months ago and I am extremely happy with the treatment I received. The staff are very helpful and friendly. The surgeon did an amazing job. I rate the whole experience very highly. If you are going to G5, you can relax. You are in very good hands. A big thank you to all.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 23.03.15


“As previously said I cannot fault the staff on ward G5 well over the last 24 hrs they all have been brilliant in taking care of me and also the theatre staff and recovery staff too. Totally amazing you all are. This is why we all have to keep our NHS.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 22.02.15


“The care I received on my arrival on G5 was simply wonderful, the staff never stood still and everybody was cared for with utmost professionalism. The theatre staff, the doctors, the surgeon, I would just like to say thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 15.02.15


“I had a swelling on my knee, which I had been told by my Dr and the walk-in centre previously, was a bursitis. It appeared to be more swollen and painful the next day. I was then referred to the Orthopaedic ward where I was examined by a doctor who was incredibly thorough and very reassuring. Whilst waiting for blood results, the person was so attentive as I was very squeamish about the test etc, she even brought me a cup of tea and a sandwich during my long wait. The doctor detected an infection and explained all the treatment I would be given before he admitted me to ward G4. The staff there could not have been more welcoming. Everything was explained and everyone was so friendly, caring and upbeat. The food I had during my stay was very tasty, especially the soup. The nights were a little noisy, as people were wanting help (buzzer) or being admitted, but the beds were incredibly comfortable, which is a big plus when you can’t move much because of keeping my leg elevated. Apart from the amount of needles involved (thankfully because they are very thorough and because of my drip) and my troublesome knee, I had a very enjoyable experience and was a little sad to leave all the lovely people behind that I had met.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 15.09.14


“The recent operation to replace my left knee was carried out in the most professional and caring way. From the initial pre-operation assessment and subsequent meeting with an anaesthetist at Bolton 1, right up to admission into the hospital the following week I was treated in the most exceptional way and cannot express my appreciation enough. Having had my other knee replaced seven years ago I knew that the pain would be severe, but the pain control exercised by the staff on G5 ward was wonderful. I was admitted on time to a clean ward with the bed already prepared. The ward nursing staff, pharmacist, porters and medical staff treated me very well indeed and catered for all my needs in the most pleasant way. I was operated on within 4 hours of admission and was back in the ward with the operation completed within a further 2 hours. Amazing! The following day, assisted by the physiotherapist, I was walking with a walking frame. The next day I was walking with crutches and the following day I was discharged to return home. I have no hesitation in recommending the hospital for anyone needing similar treatment and cannot thank all the staff enough for the care and consideration given to me. The hospital should be very proud of its staff and its ability to provide the kind of service that I received. Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 06.09.14


“In Feb 2014 I had an accident and fractured my T9 vertabrae. I was taken to A&E and subsequently G4 and then orthopaedic outpatients. I have nothing but praise for all staff in each department. I was treated with dignity and empathy at all times and felt very well looked after. This statement has more clarity as I am a senior nurse from a trust that is nationally recognised as an excellent trust and therefore, I was quite critical and expected high standards. I was not disappointed. We as a nation are all too quick to complain and rarely give praise where praise is due however, I can’t praise RBH enough. I hope this doesn’t sound patronising as this is not my intention at all. Well done!”

Posted on NHS Choices website 05.09.14


“I was admitted 14th July until 17th July 2014 for a total left knee replacement revision surgery. The care and treatment I received was excellent. I found all the staff I encountered first class, treated me with dignity and care from consultants to cleaners. I compare this to my last knee replacements which were done privately. Also the consultants and theatre staff were excellent . Please pass on my thanks to them all.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 17.08.14


“My little boy broke his elbow 5 weeks ago, we’ve been back and forth so much over this period as he had an operation which involved pins then unfortunately he got an infection. The staff have been amazing my little boy has never been upset about going back in as he is so well cared for which for me has been brilliant. People complain a lot about waiting but if you watch the staff are so busy with appointments and then emergencies and they all do their best. I would like to thank all the staff from the plaster room on F block and the staff on E5. Keep up your amazing work.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 27.06.14


“My name is Katie Jackson and I had an appointment at 1-30 pm today (Monday 2nd June) I just wanted to say thank you, I was very nervous and everyone there was lovely and helpful. The building is beautiful and has a great atmosphere. Thank you again.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02.06.14


“In Feb 2014 I had an accident and fractured my T9 vertabrae. I was taken to A&E and subsequently G4 and then orthopaedic outpatients. I have nothing but praise for all staff in each department. I was treated with dignity and empathy at all times and felt very well looked after.

This statement has more clarity as I am a senior nurse from a trust that is nationally recognised as an excellent trust and therefore, I was quite critical and expected high standards. I was not disappointed. We as a nation are all too quick to complain and rarely give praise where praise is due however, I can’t praise RBH enough. I hope this doesn’t sound patronising as this is not my intention at all. Well done!”

Posted on Patient Opinion website


“My husband broke his ankle on 13th December and had to have an operation to insert a plate and screws. The medical care he has received during that time to date ie 24th March when he has been discharged has been outstanding. The doctors who have attended him, have been first class. They have listened to our concerns and have explained everything in detail with empathy. The nursing staff have also been excellent. We were also impressed with the liaison between our own doctor, the district nurses and social services. We have received the utmost support from all concerned and appreciated the seemless progression from the time of release from hospital on Christmas Eve to when the district nurses took over. Well done to all concerned.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“I attended the day clinic for trigger finger release. I was a little apprehensive about having a local anaesthetic for the first time. I was greeted by a very pleasant receptionist who directed me to the waiting room and then very quickly taken to the ward. The staff were lovely so friendly and helpful assisting where necessary but respectful of dignity and privacy when getting changed. Cups of tea offered regularly which the staff happily made for patients.

Mr Hodgson arrived and administered the local anaesthetic and then half an hour later was performing the procedure. Both he and the two nurses present during the surgery were excellent, chatting so that I didn’t really think about what was happening and I have to say apart from the injection it was completely painless.

I am very grateful to every member of staff for making it such an easy experience and to Mr Hodgson for carrying out the procedure and doing such a wonderful and very neat job ….Thank you!

Everywhere was spotlessly clean and everything ran like clockwork I was amazed at the efficiency of the whole experience. I arrived at 8. 00am and was home by 11. 45 procedure complete and given advice on how to recover at home. Thank you to everyone on the ward, well done.”

Posted on Patient Opinion website


“I had a total hip replacement operation on 17th January 2014. From admission to discharge my experience was nothing but positive. I found the staff to be attentive, kind, understanding and professional. Everyone I had contact with explained what they were doing and why. The staff worked as team. The food was good, always warm and tasty. I was impressed with the levels of cleanliness, with every bed in the ward being moved so the floor could be mopped underneath. I had clean bedding every day and the bed itself was also cleaned. Hand washing and the use of sanitising gel appeared to be second nature to all staff.”

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“Many thanks to Orthopaedic Surgeon and his team and to all the staff on Ward G5 for my after-care following my knee surgery at the beginning of January. I still have a long way to go to full recovery but having attentive, compassionate, dedicated, good humoured and knowledgeable staff has made my journey more bearable. The ward was immaculately clean.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“I fell in Bolton town centre on the morning of the stormy Dec 5th 2013. Tried to stand until I realised my left foot was wobbling in a strange direction. No pain though. The initial public response was brilliant. Within minutes at least 6 people were attending me. One rang for an ambulance, another comforted me, a local shopkeeper brought a blanket out The initial paramedic came on a push bike. She assessed me, gave me gas and air, and very efficiently organised transfer to the warmer nearby shopping centre. I felt reassured. . I was offered stronger pain killers which I declined. . The main ambulance team came and took me to A&E in a very efficient, caring and professional manner. I was seen straight away in A&E where my husband met me. I was gently examined, told I had a badly displaced bimalleolar (two bones) fracture of my left ankle and would need “metalwork” to resolve it. I understood it was going to be a long time before I was back to my usual walking, gardening, fully fit lifestyle, Within a couple of hours I was found a bed on G4 via a short wait in Plaster Theatre. At all times I was greeted with a caring humour but tiring by now. The ward was busy 24/7 and not a place for rest, but the medical and nursing care was very efficient under very trying circumstances at times. I suggest it should be the staff who are called “patients” not the service users, some of whom would have tried the patience of a saint. Some aspects of my treatment were delayed a few times because of work demands and priorities, but I was kept informed of the reasons why and felt my care was not compromised. I had my surgery on Dec 10th and was discharged Friday Dec13th after being visited by the physio and occupational therapists and my home situation checked. Once again this service was superb, and much better than comparable stories I have heard from other areas. I am now hopping around downstairs at home with a Zimmer frame, and very grateful for my foot stool, perching stool, raised toilet seat, and wheel chair which I was persuaded to accept on loan, by the OT. She also advised me to sleep downstairs for which I am now grateful., My only hiccup on discharge was a confusing discharge prescription I think because I never saw a pharmacist. I eventually managed to resolve .this with phone calls to the hospital and GP surgery. I must also mention the ambulance transport teams who very professionally assisted in manhandling me in to my house on discharge and later taking me back to Out Patients on the 27th to have my clips out. Since discharge I have developed a wound infection and had to attend. Plaster Theatre several times for treatment. I don’t think any visit has taken more than an hour and often much less that that. I have been greeted in a friendly but courteous manner each time and treated efficiently and with some humour. As a retired nurse for 45 years I feel very proud of our health service. Not perfect but doing its best.”

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“Admitted on the 21st of December for a knee arthroscopy. After an initial cock up by admissions telling me to report to G3 at 1130 on the 21st I got a phone call by the Staff Nurse on G5 to ask if I was still coming in for surgery. Luckily I had followed my nil by mouth instructions and had started fasting at midnight. I got there as quickly as I could. Was admitted into a side ward straight away and the Staff Nurse booked me in, did my obs and asked me what I’d like off the menu for my tea later on. The Anaethetist came round to discuss my options and allergies and put me at ease by telling me I would be having a general anesthetic not a spinal block which I didn’t want. Didn’t see the consultant but his registrar came to see me to discuss what was going to happen and answered all of the questions I wanted to ask. Short visit by the Physiotherapist who gave me a list of exercises for when I was discharged and a appointment for physiotherapy as an outpatient. 1600 came round and I was escorted to theatre by one of the ODPs who was very pleasant and kept me talking to calm my nerves. 1800 Woke up in recovery and felt wonderful (no pain) and then escorted back to the ward. 1900 After sleeping for a while and after my post op obs I was asked if I was ready for a drink and my tea. Lovely sandwich and a cracking brew. And was asked when I’m ready try to get moving a bit and see if I could go to the toilet. Manged the toilet and got myself dressed in anticipation for discharge. 2000 discharged with my take home drugs and given a estimate of my outpatient appointment with the consultant. Overall a very pleasant experience. Wonderful nursing staff on G5, theatre staff and my consultant who has finally made my knee feel just like the other knee.”

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“An overall great experience they were all so professional . Thank you.”

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“Everyone was friendly and helpful, from the anaesthetist to the nurses on the ward. Thankyou, Bolton, from a very satisfied customer.”

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“If there is anyone out there waiting to be admitted for a new hip, you can not be in a better place than ward G5 and the caring staff.”

Letter in the Bolton News