Meet the Team

Consultants Special Interests
Mr Stephen P Hodgson Upper Limb Surgery
Mr Phil R Wykes Upper Limb Surgery, Clinical Lead
Miss Foster (RMCH) Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery
Mr Alistair A Henderson Foot and Ankle Surgery
Mr William G Ryan Knee / Lower Limb Surgery
Mr Gordon J Shepard Knee / Lower Limb Surgery
Mr Jeremy W Jarratt Knee / Lower Limb Surgery
Mr Patrick Watmough Foot and Ankle Surgery/Lower Limb Surgery
Mr James G Warner Upper Limb Surgery
Miss Emma Mulgrew Upper Limb Surgery
Mr Sunil D’Souza Paediatric General Orthopaedics
Dr Jennifer Ruddlesdin Orthogeriatrics and falls


Consultant Physiotherapist

Dr Susan Greenhalgh


Advanced Orthopaedic Practitioners Special Interests
Ian Joynes Foot and Ankle
Lindsay Hill Foot and Ankle
Fiona Wardle  Generalist
Lynn Mills Generalist
Graham Lockett Generalist
Kevin Doyle     Generalist
Lynne Ronan Generalist




















Plaster_Room_Orthopaedics teamSupporting staff

7 Specialty Training Registrars (North West Training Scheme)
3 Clinical Fellows
5 Junior Doctors
2 Trauma Coordinators