Services we offer

The community paediatric service offers specialist and general paediatric care of children with a wide range of conditions. These fall under four main headings:


1. Paediatric neurodisability

We see and manage children and young people with developmental or neurological (disorders of the nervous system) problems. These include epilepsy, cerebral palsy and developmental delay. We have specialist services for feeding assessments and for the evaluation of dyspraxia (developmental co-ordination disorder) and autistic spectrum disorders which can cause a wide range of symptoms including problems with social interaction, impaired language and communication skills, and unusual patterns of thought and physical behaviour. We provide care and support for children with long term disabilities and for children with life limiting conditions.

We are keen to improve communication with families and our child development team works to optimise communication between the different specialists working with each child.

We also have shared care neurology and genetics clinics with specialists from Manchester Children’s Hospital.


2. General paediatrics in the community

We see children in clinics all around Bolton to make it easier for families to attend a centre close to their home. We see a wide variety of paediatric problems such as neurodisability (see above) but also common general health difficulties such as night wetting, constipation, headache, urine infections and immunisation queries.


3. Social paediatrics

We carefully monitor the health of all children in the Looked After system. This work includes regular medicals, advice for adopters and foster carers and medical input to local adoption and fostering panels. We also contribute to the Rapid Response Service for SUDC (Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Childhood), and provide advice and expertise to local Safeguarding services in Bolton. There is also an Advanced Practitioner service which does medical assessments of children missing school due to medical problems.


4. Paediatric  audiology

Our team provide full hearing assessments, management of hearing loss and hearing aids as well as a tinnitus service, a hyperacusis (oversensitive hearing) service and balance assessments.