Council of Governors’ Meetings

The Council of Governors meets in public a minimum of four times a year.  Additional meetings can be called by the Chairman or the Trust Secretary or by ten governors giving notice to the Trust Secretary that they wish a meeting to be called.

A minimum of 14 days notice will be given for all meetings other than in an emergency.

Forthcoming Council Meeting Dates

Members are welcome to attend Council of Governors’ meetings and listen to how the Trust is developing its services.  Please contact the Foundation Trust Office on 01204 390654 in advance if you are planning to attend.

Meeting Date Time Venue


Council of Governors Tuesday 14th January 5.30pm  


Seminar Room 1

Education Centre

Tuesday 10th March 5.30pm
Tuesday 12th May 5.30pm
Thursday 9th July 5.30pm
Thursday 12th November 5.30pm
Annual Members Meeting Monday 14th September 3pm Lecture Theatre, Education Centre
Governor Quality Committee Tuesday 11th February 5.30pm Boardroom
Tuesday 5th May 5.30pm Boardroom
Tuesday 4th August 5.30pm Boardroom
Tuesday 3rd November 5.30pm Boardroom
Governor Strategy Committee Thursday 9th January 5.30pm Boardroom
Thursday 23rd April 5.30pm Boardroom
Thursday 16th July 5.30pm Boardroom
Thursday 1st October 5.30pm Boardroom


14th January 2020 Council of Governors [961kb] PDF

Council of Governors 10th March 2020 web [548kb] PDF


17th January 2019 Council of Governors Meeting [642kb] PDF

14th March 2019 Council of Governors Meeting [788kb] PDF

23rd May 2019 Council of Governors [779kb] PDF

4th July 2019 Council of Governors Meeting [710kb] PDF


11th January 2018 – Council of Governors Meeting [181kb] PDF

15th March 2018 – Council of Governors Meeting [1mb] PDF

9th May 2018 – Council of Governors Meeting [166kb] PDF

12th July 2018 – Council of Governors Meeting [251kb] PDF

15th November 2018 – Council of Governors Meeting [1mb] PDF