Our values

Our values

Our values demonstrate the beliefs that underpin the way we work together and with patients.  Our values drive what we do to help us deliver our ambitions, in a way that puts patient safety and care first.

Our values are:

Be Positive

We have a plan that will deliver excellent healthcare for future generations, working collaboratively towards sustainability. We make decisions that are best for long-term health and social care outcomes for our communities

Be Inclusive

We communicate clearly to our patients, families and our staff, with transparency and honesty. We encourage feedback from everyone to help drive innovation and improvements

Be Honest

We demonstrate fairness, respect and empathy in our interactions with people. We take responsibility for our actions, speaking out and learning from any mistakes

Be Kind

We take a person-centered approach in all our interactions with patients, families and our staff. We provide compassionate care and demonstrate understanding to everyone

Be Bold

We put quality and safety at the heart of all our services and processes. We continuously improve our standards of healthcare with the patient in mind

Cultural diversity is one of our greatest assets at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust. We are committed to ensuring staff and patients are free from discrimination regardless of their ethnicity, background, gender or sexual orientation.

Every person should be able to fulfil their potential at work, and we support people from all communities who teach us more about differences in beliefs and opinions.

We pride ourselves on using this knowledge to provide personalised care and ensure that we are a supportive environment in which to work and receive care.

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