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Join us as a member

Have your say on how we should develop our services by becoming a member of the Trust.

Membership is free and means your voice will be heard through the Council of Governors and annual members’ meetings.

Being a member

Every member of the public can become a ‘member’ of the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, and give their views on how they think we should develop our services.

Through our members, we can really get to know what the public wants, and more importantly, act on that information to improve our services.

Being a member gives you a voice. It’s entirely up to you how involved you become.

Being a member is not about volunteering, fundraising, making a donation or giving up your time – unless you want to.

It’s about taking an interest and giving your views.

Members can be patients, members of the local or wider population – essentially anyone with an interest in our services and the health of our community.

Your views and opinions will be heard through the Council of Governors, whose role it is to represent members and advise us on the development of services that best meet the needs of our community.

Becoming a member of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust is easy.

Please read the latest Membership Matters newsletter.

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