Trust Annual Strategy Progress Review 2019/20

In 2019 we published a five year strategy for the Trust which described the six ambitions we have to help us achieve our vision for the future: to be recognised as an excellent provider of health and care services, and a great place to work. It also sets out the things we need to do – our objectives –  to make that vision a reality for a better Bolton.  There is more information about our ambitions and objectives below or you can read the full strategy.

At the end of last year we involved our employees and members of the public in discussions about our progress in year one, completed actions and areas where we need to progress.

Overall, progress against our 2019-20 objectives/strategy was good and in the case of some schemes such as major changes to outpatients, we are ahead of our expected position.  Where we haven’t delivered according to our plan this is largely a result of COVID and reduced capacity.

Critically, it is our assessment there is nothing in our ambitions or objectives that we aren’t doing which is very positive and that these remain the right areas of focus.

Our Annual Strategy Review describes these areas and sets out what we will focus on in the forthcoming year.