Trust Strategy – Reviewing Progress 2019/20

Last year we published a five year strategy for the Trust which described the six ambitions we have to help us achieve our vision for the future: to be recognised as an excellent provider of health and care services, and a great place to work. It also sets out the things we need to do – our objectives –  to make that vision a reality for a better Bolton.  There is more information about our ambitions and objectives below or you can read the full strategy.

By the end of this year we will be publishing an annual review which will highlight areas of progress in year 1, completed actions and areas where we need to progress. It will also highlight programmes for the remainder of the current year (year 2).  To help us produce this we wanted to invite you to share your thoughts by carrying out a short survey.   

Our assessment of year one

Overall, progress against our 2019-20 objectives/strategy into action has been good and we are still on track for this year and in the case of some schemes such as major changes to outpatients we are ahead of our expected position.  Where we haven’t delivered according to our plan this is largely a result of COVID and reduced capacity.

Ambition:  To provide safe, high quality care

• Be amongst the best providers for care and experience

• Create a culture of continuous learning and innovation

• Involve patients in their care and the development of services

• Be a digital pioneer and a centre for digital excellence

• Become a centre of excellence for women and children’s services


During the last year we’ve restructured all our ways of working to manage our response to the pandemic, giving the best care possible to patients suffering from COVID. The impacts of needing to manage the hospital safely whilst also dealing with outbreaks of the virus will be with us for some time.

We’ve completed a Health planning exercise for the women and children’s estate which provides the foundations for new development. A new digital strategy is being developed with progress having already been made in the use of AI, introduction of a new telephony system and the rollout of our electronic patient records.

Ambition: To be a great place to work

• Develop and maintain a healthy organisational culture based on our values

• Retain, attract and recruit high calibre, skilled staff

• Train and develop our staff

• Support our staff to enjoy the best health

• Year-on-year improvement in our Workforce Race Equality Standards



COVID has had a huge impact on how we have had to support our workforce with the creation and deployment of wellbeing services.  We’ve reviewed our values and introduced new behaviours that we will  use in our appraisals and other staff development activity and have restructured how we collect and make better use of workforce data and intelligence. During the year we have also implemented a BAME leadership programme, created a Shadow Board and developed a Quality Improvement programme.

Ambition: To use our resources wisely

• Ensure we use our resources effectively and efficiently to support service growth

• Optimise and generate commercial opportunities

• Rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by the CQC for use of resources

• Generate efficiency through transformation and innovation


COVID has undoubtedly challenged all services financially although national arrangements should mean that additional costs are met.  Key projects to help transform outpatients and planned care have moved ahead quickly including the use of IT to enable consultations to happen virtually. Work has also begun to improve how we write our business cases and how we can better establish and monitor the benefits changes bring and we have started to look at agile working. Due to capacity we have been less able to look at commercial development.

Ambition: Sustainable estate

•  Transform our estate into a community asset for health and wellbeing

•  Maximise the financial benefit through better use of our estate


During this year we have made some improvements to our main entrance and have undertaken a planning review of the estate we have available to our families services.  COVID placed additional demands through the creation of side rooms and the conversion of an office block into an extra ward. Planning for the development of an on-site education campus has continued.

Ambition:  Integrate care

• Support local people to enjoy the best of health

• Deliver services over a wider number of settings to target inequalities

• Be the leading partner in the ICP


We continue to play a full and active role in the development of Bolton’s Integrated Care Partnership which this year has moved to an alliance structure and continues to move towards a neighbourhood model.

Ambition: Develop partnerships

• Develop partnerships that will improve outcomes
for our patients

• Develop the workforce of the future by working with academic partners to become a centre of innovation and research


During the period we have remained fully involved in the delivery of Greater Manchester wide projects including

‘Improving Specialist Care’ and

‘Healthier Together’ although changes have led to a new approach to working across GM.

We are taking part in a joint project to enable resilient clinical support services which involves the roll out of digital pathology and diagnostic AI to support radiology.

We continue to play a full and active role in the development of Bolton’s Integrated Care Partnership.


Critically, it is our assessment there is nothing in our ambitions or objectives that we aren’t doing which is very positive. Our conclusion is that our ambitions and objectives remain the right areas of focus but we want to test this with our stakeholders.

What do you think?

We would really like to know what you think about our progress this year and whether you think our strategy remains relevant for the coming year.

We would like to invite you to give your thoughts through a very short survey which asks you to comment on our ambitions and objectives and provides an open text response for comments.

Visitor restrictions

To protect you and our staff during the current outbreak of Covid-19 we’ve put in place significant restrictions on hospital visitors.

Full details of these can be found on our website.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and helping us stop the spread of Covid-19.

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