We run a long Covid service to support and manage patients living in Bolton suffering with the long term effects of COVID-19.

Long COVID is recognised as the signs and symptoms that develop during or after an infection consistent with COVID-19, and continue for more than 4 weeks after the acute illness stage, and are not explained by an alternative diagnosis.

To refer into the service please contact our Community Hub on 01204 331155 between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday, or email Intermediatetierservices@boltonft.nhs.uk.

Once we receive a referral, we send out a self assessment for you to complete and return to us. This enables us to ensure we provide the right support for you and with the right team.

Your recovery 

The length of time needed to recover from Covid-19 will vary from person to person and it is important not to compare yourself to others.

Some of the most common COVID-19 effects include:

The NHS has developed a website aimed at helping people recover from Covid-19.

Whatever problems you are experiencing are important if they are causing you concern or limiting you. Every individual experience is unique.

Please visit www.yourcovidrecovery.nhs.uk to read more, or click one of the links above if you are experiencing particular side effects.