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October 14, 2022

Occupational Therapists describe what makes them smile

Three OTs smile
  • Three of Bolton’s Occupational Therapists (OTs) describe why they love helping others
  • Bolton NHS Foundation Trust employs 93 OTs and 22 OT support workers
  • OTs are being celebrated as part Allied Health Professions Day

Some of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust’s Occupational Therapists have been sharing what makes them smile as part of Allied Health Professions Day.

The day celebrates the skills and achievements of Allied Health Professions (AHPs) in the NHS.

Occupational Therapists (OTs) are one of the 14 AHPs being recognised on Friday 14 October.

Emily Aspin, Occupational Therapist at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said: “I chose to be an Occupational Therapist because some of my friends, and my mum, worked closely with OTs.

“I really enjoyed doing some work experience, looking into all the different areas OTs can work in.

“I love working with people and trying to help them get better and be able to get home or do the activities they want to do.”

Patient-focused care

Emily continued: “We had a patient with us for a very long time who was very poorly, but thankfully made a good medical recovery.

“We had a best-interest meeting in this incredibly complex case, and it was very borderline whether she would go to 24-hour care or whether she would go home.

“However, with the support of the whole multi-disciplinary team we managed to get her home safely.

“It was a really good outcome and she remains at home.”

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust has 93 Occupational Therapists, as well as 22 Occupational Therapy Support Workers, who help people of all ages throughout Bolton.

Natasha Long, Occupational Therapist, said: “I like seeing the difference that we can make.

“Recently, I’ve been working with a lady who had quite an extended stay in hospital.

“We got her back from being unable to walk, to walking within a few weeks.

“It really made me smile seeing her discharged from the service and getting back home.”

“I really love my job.”

Lee Hanson, Occupational Therapy Lead, is based at Laburnum Lodge and leads a team of therapists who provide timely assessment and rehab for their patients.

When asked what he’d say to someone thinking of becoming an Occupational Therapist at Bolton, he said: “Go for it, it’s a fab place to work. You’ll certainly meet a lot of new people and gain a lot of new friends.

“It’s magical in terms of being able to give back to the community of Bolton.

“I really love my job.”

Natasha added: “We really come together and support each other, and try to see the light in certain situations.

“Having really good management and leadership above us has really made that difference to help us through the more difficult times.”

Search for Allied Health Professions jobs online to join Bolton’s team.

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