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November 23, 2023

Tesco donate 1,500 books for patients and staff at Royal Bolton Hospital

  • 1,500 surplus books donated by Tesco distribution centre for staff and patients
  • Books made up of hundreds of children and adult titles
  • Donation to improve experience of those staying in hospital and staff during rest breaks

Tesco have kindly donated 1,500 children’s and adult’s books for patients to use during their stay at Royal Bolton Hospital.

The supermarket’s Oakwood Distribution Centre have made use of surplus stock to donate items to organisations where it can make a difference to the experience of others.

Our Bolton NHS Charity, the Trust’s official charity partner, will provide books to both staff working at the hospital and patients who are receiving care and treatment across the hospital.

‘We spent Christmas Day in hospital with our one-year-old – the care was excellent’

Richard Maher, Planning Manager at Oakwood Distribution, was the driving force behind the donation after his one-year-old received hospital care last Christmas.

I’m fortunate in my position working for Tesco that I’ve been given access to these books to use for community and charity purposes. Over the past couple of years, we have been donating these to local schools, who have put them to great use.

“This year we wanted to expand beyond the schools and when thinking of where we could do this I thought back to last Christmas.

“Unfortunately, we spent most of Christmas Day in hospital with our one-year-old; however, the care she received was excellent and was presented with gifts that she loved!

“We hope these donation for books can not only be used for Christmas gifts to children and adults this year, but also around the hospital and anywhere else that they can help make a difference to the hospital and the people within.

Delivery of books from Tesco's Oakwood Distribution Centre

Sarah Skinner, Charity Manager at Our Bolton NHS Charity, said:

We know how important distractions, such as books, can be for our patients who are staying in hospital, particularly during festive holidays.

“We are so grateful to Oakwood Distribution for their generous donations of books and we look forward to sharing the great reads with children and adults staying in hospital, and to our staff for their well-earned rest breaks.

To find out more about how to get involved with Our Bolton NHS Charity, please visit the Trust’s website.

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