Our support

Our support

We know how much time and energy is invested in organising and running a successful fundraising event.

We are here to support you every step of the way and will:

  • Offer advice and fundraising inspiration to ensure your fundraising is successful, safe and legal
  • Provide you with a letter of authority so you can approach businesses for support with raffle prizes
  • Grant you the right to use our ‘we’re supporting Our Bolton NHS Charity’ and ‘in aid of Our Bolton NHS Charity’ logos to promote your event
  • Promote your fundraising on our website and dedicated social media channels
  • Offer you the chance to take part in a charity presentation after the event to present you with a certificate of appreciation
  • Produce a press release to showcase your efforts, the total raised and your reasons for supporting Our Bolton NHS Charity
  • Send you a thank you card and confirmation of funds raised for your records

If you have any further questions or specific requests for support, please do not hesitate to contact a member of Our Bolton Charity.

As a small team, we are unable to attend every fundraising event so please do not be upset of offended if we decline your invitation.

We look forward to supporting you and wish you every success with your fundraising event.

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