Allied Health Professionals (AHPs)

Allied Health Professionals (AHPs)

The Allied Health Professions (AHPs) are the third largest workforce in the NHS.

AHPs provide system-wide care to assess, treat, diagnose and discharge patients across social care, housing, education and independent and voluntary sectors.

Through adopting a holistic approach to healthcare, AHPs are able to help manage patient care throughout, from birth to palliative care. Their focus is on prevention and improvement of health and wellbeing to maximise the potential for individuals to live full and active lives within their family circles, social networks, education/training and the workplace.

Our Bolton AHPs support and provide solutions to help people live their lives as fully as possible. Their roles help to ensure that Bolton is an effective, efficient and caring environment that provides the best patient outcomes.

At Bolton, we employ different AHPs:

  • Diagnostic Radiographers
  • Dietitians
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Operating Department Practitioners
  • Orthoptists
  • Orthotists
  • Paramedics¬†(Working in Advanced Clinical Practitioner Roles)
  • Physiotherapists
  • Podiatrists
  • Speech and Language Therapists

Realising the transformative potential of AHPs: AHPs Deliver

Wherever you work, every member of our AHP community has a part in realising and achieving the ambitions set out in the NHS Long Term Plan through its delivery.

Impactful, inclusive leadership at every level and down to every individual AHP community member is crucial for AHPs to continuously improve their contribution to high-quality health and care services.

Allied Health Professionals (AHPs)
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