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Prescription collection point

You can collect hospital outpatient prescribed medication outside of working hours using our 24-hour prescription collection point, located outside Royal Bolton Hospital.

This safe, secure and fast way of collecting medication will not replace the pharmacy service within the hospital, but provide an additional outlet to access medication without entering the hospital, when its most convenient.

A parking bay has been placed next to the collection point, which is free for up to 15 minutes.

All you need to do is register once for the service by sharing a few details to enable you to access the system.

Once we have received and dispensed your hospital outpatient prescription, you will get an instant notification via text when it is ready to collect.

Only hospital outpatient prescriptions can be collected from the unit.

You will be sent a unique PIN number to gain access, which you can share to allow someone to collect on your behalf if you’d prefer.

Payment must be made by card, unless you do not pay for prescriptions. If you do not normally pay, please follow the instructions on screen and select the box that applies to you.

The unit is safe and secure, and based in a well-lit and accessible part of the hospital site, next to A&E on the grassed area in front of our Eye Unit (marked ‘H’ on the map of our site).

However, not all medication can be stored or collected from the unit.

Anything that requires being kept at fridge temperature, is too large or bulky, or is required to be collected in person from the pharmacy, will have to be collected from the hospital during the pharmacy opening hours, 8am-6.30pm.

Medication must be collected within seven days of receiving your unique PIN number. After this time, it must be collected from the hospital pharmacy during its opening hours. You will have a further 21 days to do this before it is returned, and a new prescription will be needed.

If you need more information, please contact our medicines information team on 01204 390559.

Prescription collection point
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