Our Digital Strategy 2022-2025

Our Digital Strategy 2022-2025

We want to become a ‘Digital Trust’, which means that we use technology to improve the lives of our patients and our staff.

Digital technology is all around us and can impact almost every aspect of our lives.

For an NHS organisation like ours, ‘being a Digital Trust’ means that we want to utilise digital technology and the data we collect to improve the care we provide to the people of Bolton.

This includes making our services safer, more effective and easier to access – all enhancing the overall experience people have when they use our services.

In addition to patients, we want to make sure that we’re using technology to support our staff to work as efficiently and effectively as possible, and ultimately make their working lives easier.

Our main priority areas for our Digital strategy 2022-2025 are:

  • Digital integration
  • Digital care
  • Digital workforce
  • Digital infrastructure and estate

We will review our objectives annually to make sure they are reflective of the new digital opportunities that will become available to help us improve our clinical and operational services, both internally and with our partners.

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