Information for Cancer Patients Regarding COVID-19 for Bolton Patients

Due to the increasing number of cases of the COVID-19 virus across the UK, we have reduced the number of people coming into our hospitals. However, we understand you may be concerned as to how this affects you if you have a cancer diagnosis, and what to do if you need advice and support.

Please click here for more information: Information for Cancer Patients Regarding COVID-19 for Bolton Patients

National Cancer Patient Experience Survey

Patients treated here will soon be asked to take part in NHS England’s National Cancer Patient Experience Survey. It helps services monitor what’s working well and what needs to be improved for future cancer patients.

All patients who have cancer related care or treatment as an inpatient or day case in April, May or June 2019 will be contacted to take part in the survey. Taking part is voluntary.

The survey will be carried out by an independent organisation who has been approved by NHS England. They will use your personal details to contact you. They will only use your details to carry out the survey. These details will be provided by this NHS trust. Your personal information will be handled securely and confidentially. We will not publish any information which might identify you.

If you do not wish to take part, or have any questions about the survey, please contact Janet Keegan, Lead Cancer Nurse, on tel: 01204 390390 x3704.

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Further information on our services will be posted on these pages in the coming months.