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Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory medicine underpins the diagnosis, monitoring and management of disease.

Increasingly its role extends beyond the laboratory in screening and earlier detection of disease.

Blood Test Appointments: Please ensure you have the blood test form to hand when you phone the department.

This department looks at tissue samples taken from the body to check for conditions such as cancer.

These samples may be taken from the body when on the ward, during surgery or post mortem.

The service provided by this department looks for minute (microbial) organisms (such as MRSA), viruses (such as Hepatitis), fungi and parasites (such as threadworm) in faeces, urine, sputum and blood samples.  When the infection, or parasite, is identified then the right course of treatment can then be started.

The Infection Control team liaises with this department to ensure outbreaks like norovirus are kept under tight control.

Blood Transfusion supports the treatment of many patients, and in some cases is life-saving.

The service is very strictly regulated to maintain the quality and safety of this vital service.

The Mortuary is situated in the department of Laboratory Medicine at the Royal Bolton Hospital.

Visitors are asked to proceed up the corridor from the A block square and to then ring the bell to gain access.

Blood Sciences

This is made up of two specialties:

The haematology laboratory is concerned with the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases of the blood and blood forming organs.

These include anaemia, blood clotting and bleeding disorders and cancers such as leukaemia and myeloma. Testing is performed using both automated and manual examinations of blood cells and proteins including haemoglobin and clotting factors.

Biochemical tests are carried out on blood and CSF (cerebrospinal) samples. The department uses both manual techniques as well as automated analysers.

Results provided by this department give guidance on such things as fluid imbalance, the state of the liver and kidney function, diagnosis and management of diabetes, causes of hormone disorders (such as infertility), thyroid monitoring, and monitoring of cancer therapy.

This handbook provides information about Laboratory Medicine service’s which encompass the Service Areas of Blood Sciences.

Please do not save, as this assay finder is updated on a regular basis. If test is not located in this assay finder please check the Laboratory Medicine Handbook or contact the appropriate department.

Any test that has not been accredited by UKAS to ISO 15189:2012 is clearly identified within the Assay Finder

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