• If you have an urgent problem related to your pregnancy please phone Maternity Triage: 01204 390 612. Please do not contact this number unless you have an urgent problem.
  • If you go into labour, please call Maternity Triage: Tel: 01204 390612. Please inform them if you have suspected or confirmed coronavirus infection.
  • If you missed an ante natal or post natal appointment and haven’t heard from your midwife, please contact them to rearrange the appointment via Community Midwives Office: Tel: 01204 390023.
  • If you have been confirmed as having the coronavirus infection, as a precautionary approach, an ultrasound scan will be arranged 14 days following your recovery, to check that your baby is well.

Maternity services are based at the Princess Anne Maternity Unit, Royal Bolton Hospital, and Ingleside Birth and Community Centre in Salford. Our midwives also work in the local community. We aim to offer a friendly, supportive and safe service for women and their families. The Maternity Care Choices booklet provides an overview of the options available to you across Greater Manchester, so that you can decide where, when and how you wish to be cared for, and make the decisions that are right for you and your family. Please click on the link below to download a copy of the booklet. Maternity Care Choices Booklet [1mb] PDF

You can also read more here at the My Birth, My Choice website.


The hospital is one of three regional centres of excellence for maternity, neonatal and children’s services and has had an investment of around £20 million made to improve and expand the care we provide. The team at Royal Bolton includes consultant obstetricians and midwives who specialise in a range of roles and operate both in the hospital’s antenatal and maternity units and in the wider community. A midwife led birth suite, which has five rooms and includes a birthing pool, opened in July 2008. The central delivery suite has carefully designed delivery rooms alongside obstetric theatres and dedicated assessment beds. Ingleside offers women with a low risk pregnancy a unique birthing experience in a setting surrounded by nature in the heart of the community. There are a range of facilities on offer including en-suite rooms, birth pools, TVs, a kitchen area and a range of birthing aids such as birth balls and birthing mats. The maternity unit has won local and national awards for its innovative work with women from vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. The videos below show the facilities on offer by the Trust at both the Princess Anne Maternity Unit at the Royal Bolton Hospital and Ingleside Birth Centre.