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Paediatric Learning Disability Service

The Paediatric Learning Disability Service (PLDS) is a team of registered Learning Disability Nurses, Assistant Practitioners and Nursing Assistants employed by Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

The team has specialist knowledge and skills to help children and young people who have learning disabilities or global development delay (where two or more milestones in all areas of development have not been reached) and an additional health need.

Who we support

We work with children and young people aged 0-18 or 19 if already known and as part of their transition plan.

We carry out an assessment to identify support needs and then work together with children and families to identify their priorities and create a plan of care. We also work closely with other
professionals such as Education, Paediatricians and Social care for a co-ordinated approach.

We work across Bolton offering group work and a home visiting service; we may also support children in school, short breaks or any other place they regularly visit.

What we offer

Group sessions for children and young people:

  • Siblings Support Group

Group sessions for parents:

  • First Steps Programme
  • Healthy Sleep Programme
  • Triple P Parenting Programme: Stepping Stones

Service locations

Great Lever Health Centre

Key contact numbers

The Paediatric Learning Disability Service (PLDS)

Tel: 01204 463660

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