Pain – Chronic

The chronic pain service is a specialist team including consultants in pain medicine, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists and specialist nurses.  We offer a range of treatments and interventions in the management of chronic pain, some of which involve the use of medication and others which don’t.  Our aim with all treatments is to support and assist patients to manage their pain more effectively and improve their quality of life. The latter may involve patients being invited to attend our comprehensive multidisciplinary Pain Management Programme.


The Chronic Pain Management Team is a specialist service for people living with long term pain.


Meet the Team

The Chronic Pain Team is led by Dr Ian Waite.   Administrative team (01204 390763)



The team are based at three main sites – please check your appointment letter for more details.


Contact Details

Pain Management Office, Royal Bolton Hospital, Minerva Road, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 0JR
Tel: 01204 390763



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