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Speech and Language Therapy

Our Speech and Language Therapy service is comprised of multiple teams who see adults and children with a range of communication and swallowing difficulties.

Speech and Language Therapy for Children

The Speech and Language Therapy Service will assess, diagnose and develop an individualised programme of care to maximise the communication potential of the children and young people referred to them and under their care.

The work involves direct contact with children and young people with communication difficulties as well as their carers and other key people in their lives. Therapists also support children and young people with swallowing, eating and drinking difficulties.

Step 1

If your child needs to be seen by speech and language therapist, they can be referred by:

  • Health Visitors
  • Paediatricians (Children’s Doctor)
  • Child Health Practitioners
  • SEN Link Workers (Children’s Centres)
  • Schools and Nurseries
  • Educational Psychologists

Step 2

If the referral is appropriate, the speech and language therapist will assess the child/young person to decide on their strengths and needs.

The therapist will sometimes use a formal standardised assessment but may also use informal assessments, for example observation, to help decide the best way to support and develop the child/young person’s communications skills.

Step 3

They may then provide advice, intervention and/or training if this is seen to be appropriate.

The speech and language therapist may work closely with parents/ carers/ teaching staff, discussing the child’s needs and provide coaching on ways to practise activities at home/school.

The speech and language therapist will work collaboratively with other professions including teachers, support assistants, nursery staff or others who the child has regular contact or support from.

The therapist will discuss the child/ young person’s needs to help others understand the nature of the difficulties and provide them with ideas and strategies to help promote and maximise his/ her communication skills.

Speech and Language Therapy for Adults

The team works with inpatients and patients in the community with a wide range of conditions, including stroke, head injuries, dementia, progressive and degenerative conditions and head and neck cancer.

Our friendly team is made up of therapists, therapy assistants and administrative staff. We are based at Royal Bolton Hospital (Acute Team), Lever Chambers (Community Team) and Crompton Health Centre (Community Stroke Team).

After triaging the referral, the patient will be added to our caseload and seen for an initial assessment and subsequent reviews as appropriate. Our input will vary for patients in hospital and the community, however will include:

  • Reviews – face to face/via telephone
  • home visits
  • nursing and residential home visits
  • clinic appointments with our community team

Service locations

Breightmet Health Centre

Crompton Health Centre

Lever Chambers Centre for Health

Royal Bolton Hospital

Therapists work out in the community at family homes, schools, nurseries, health clinics and children’s centres.

Key contact numbers

Children's Speech and Language Therapy

Tel: 01204 462670

Adult Inpatient Team

Tel: 01204 390603

Adult Community/Voice Team

Tel: 01204 463210