Signalong is a sign-supporting system; signs are performed at the same time as talking.

Signing is useful for many different people with communication difficulties and for further information about Signalong, please visit:

We offer Signalong training to educational settings; please email for further information and related costs.

Parents/carers of children seen by the Bolton Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Service may need to attend ‘an introduction to communication’ workshop, if their Speech and Language Therapist deems it a clinically appropriate intervention.

For more information about this, please speak to you child’s speech and language therapist.

The Little Signing Workshop

The Little Signing Workshop was created by Nikki Magari, a Speech and Language Therapy Assistant from our service. The Little Signing Workshop create videos, which can be watched for free, using Signalong signs to perform nursery rhymes, songs and stories.

The best was to see when the latest videos are out is to subscribe to The Little Signing Workshop on YouTube here.

A list of all the videos currently available, to watch for free, can also be found below. Please note, by clicking on the links, you will be taken to an external webpage.

Wednesday Tunes

Signs of the Week 

Friday Rhymes

Sunday Stories

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