Learning to talk is a complex process.

Children naturally develop their sounds over time and some children have difficulty producing their sounds, and need some support with this. Advice should be sought from a Speech and Language Therapist if you are concerned about a child you care for.

Practising speech can be difficult for children and young people. The resources on this page can be used to support speech development, and the games and colourful resources will hopefully make the task fun!

Below are sheets of picture cards which can be used to support your child with their targets.

Word Initial Position Picture Cards

Speech Sound Stories

Each story is filled with pictures and words containing the targeted sound. (Permission given by The Little Speech Bubble to share resources via Bolton NHS FT Website). 

Clicking the link takes you to a different site.

Video Demonstrations – (Clicking the link takes you to a different site)

Games Ideas for using picture cards:

Ideas for everyday activities

For further, more specific advice for your child, please speak to your child’s speech and language therapist.

If your child is not yet known to speech and language therapy, but you feel they would benefit from an assessment and/or intervention, please discuss this with your child’s nursery/school, health visitor or GP.

If appropriate, they will then make a referral into the service.

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