Integrated Facilities Management (iFM) Bolton Ltd

Integrated Facilities Management (iFM) Bolton Ltd

Integrated Facilities Management (iFM) Bolton Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

The team provide a range of services on our sites on behalf of the Trust, including:

We have a highly skilled team of Plumbers, Electricians, Engineers and Joiners available to respond to repairs and general maintenance.

Dedicated team of Health, Safety, Fire and Risk professionals, who oversee all aspects of health and safety on a day to day basis. This service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We’re always looking to improve our facilities and our Capital Projects team implement plans to make the most of our site and capital.

Procurement are responsible for ensuring that non-pay expenditure is spent wisely, achieves best value, contributes to improved patient care and is spent in accordance with public sector rules and regulations.

Along with this they provide a full goods top up service to wards and departments, maintain the NCA’s eProcurement system and offer related training and support to staff.

EBME (Electro Biomedical Engineering) manage medical devices through their whole lifecycle from purchasing to disposal, with planned and corrective maintenance in between. ensure that the right equipment is available in the right place.

The team make sure that the equipment is safe for the user and patient and, that it functions to its specification.

Our Telecomms service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is manned by our dedicated staff, answering all calls both internally and externally, along with monitoring our bleep system and emergency alarms.

The Helpdesk staff are on call to assist with site issues, process incident reports and arrange for inspections and repairs. Our Customer Service team work across the site with heads of all departments to keep on top of our services, making sure that we’re providing the best service possible.

Our Decontamination team make sure that all equipment for theatres are clean, sterile and ready for use.

The team make sure that everything is where is should be and transport equipment across the Trust sites depending on requirements.

Our team keep the hospital staff, patients and visitors safe and protected throughout the day and night.

Our Catering team ensure that our inpatients are supplied with healthy, nutritious meals throughout their stay in hospital.

Our domestic services staff work in clinical and non-clinical areas. We play a vital role in making sure that there are clean and safe spaces where staff can care for our patients.

Our Porters play an essential role in transporting patients, equipment and supplies between different departments of the hospital.

Our Linen/uniform department make sure that our staff are supplied with the correct uniform for their role, along with managing the laundering of all sheets and bedding from across the site.

iFM Bolton staff work closely with the Trust to ensure high quality and safe delivery of services for our patients through estates and facilities management.

Most inpatients will come into contact with iFM Bolton staff during their stay through cleaning, portering and catering services.

While not employed by the Trust, they provide services on our behalf, and work with us to ensure that you have a good experience while in our care.

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