Providing the highest standards of care

Providing the highest standards of care

Our focus is on quality improvement, excellence and continually striving to provide the highest standards of care and service for our patients and visitors. Everything we do is led by our values of vision, openness, integrity, compassion and excellence.

We believe in:

  • High quality care centred on individual needs rather than the needs of professionals and organisations.
  • Integration across health and social care.
  • Accessible, convenient and responsive services 24/7.
  • Local wherever possible, centralised where necessary.
  • Empowering clients and patients to manage their own care, and self-care with the right information and tools to do so.

It’s important to us to be transparent about the care and treatment we provide, and to be accountable for our performance at all times. We produce regular reports on all aspects of our care and operations, and make a number of public declarations and compliance statements as part of our public duty and responsibility as a foundation trust.

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