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March 27, 2023

New team launches to improve patient experience

  • IV Access Team supporting vulnerable patients who need an intravenous access device
  • Intravenous access lines inserted more quickly and efficiently
  • Team freeing up anaesthetists and theatre time to help with the surgical backlog

A new team which improves patient experience and frees up anaesthetic time and theatre capacity has launched at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

The new IV (Intravenous) Access Team are a specialist nurse-led service which uses specialist equipment to insert tube lines into veins to support patients for IV drugs, such as antibiotics, chemotherapy or total parenteral nutrition (TPN).

This service had been being delivered by the anaesthetic team who are now freed up to support operations so the Trust can offer more capacity in emergency theatres and for elective activity.

While the team began work in November, it has now celebrated its official launch date on Monday 13 March 2023.

Dr Wyn Price, Consultant Anaesthetist at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said:

The IV Access Team have developed a team that is reactive to patients’ need for IV access and reduces patient discomfort, enables timely treatment and earlier discharge.

“They have reduced the workload on the anaesthetic department to give patients the service they deserve.

They were aiming to provide 150 lines per year, but have already inserted 79 during the last three months.

Thanks to the introduction of the IV Access Team the majority of lines are inserted within 48 hours, reducing the wait for patients by as much as five days.

As well as inserting lines, the team also provide expert training and support staff around providing ongoing care.

Heather Briscoe, Lead Intravenous Vascular Access Specialist Nurse at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said:

I am extremely proud of what my team has done so far and how much we’ve helped the Bolton community.

“I’m so glad to work at a trust which shows how much it cares about its patients and their needs by investing in specialist services like ours, embracing new technology and recognising the value in evidence-based practice.

Rick Catlin, Divisional Nursing Director for Diagnostics and Support Services at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said:

The new IV Access Team is already making a huge difference for so many of our patients, helping them to be seen sooner and get home sooner.

“Their expertise and dedication is drastically improving patient experience and providing an incredibly high level of care for them.

Ryan Calderbank, Divisional Director of Operations for Diagnostics and Support Services at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said:

We are always looking for ways to improve the services we provide to our patients, and the new IV Access Team are a clear example of this.

“Before the team began work, a theatre space used to be needed if a patient was undergoing acute treatment, was difficult to access or hard to cannulate, but this can now be quickly done on our wards.

“Not needing to use theatres for this work now means vital theatre space can be used for others, as well as giving more capacity for Anaesthetists and Operating Department Practitioners to support with other theatre lists.

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