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March 6, 2023

Quick and easy access to book your blood tests online is now available

Our phlebotomy service takes blood samples from patients aged 18 and over who have been referred for a blood test by their healthcare professional.

The results from blood tests can be used to help:

  • Make a diagnosis of illness or infection (or rule something out)
  • Monitor treatment
  • Monitor the health of someone with a long-term health condition.

GPs and other healthcare professionals can refer patients to the service when they need a blood test to be taken that they cannot do in their clinic or surgery.

We use an online booking system for patients over the age of 18, who meet certain criteria. 

Please visit our Blood Test page to make or cancel an appointment.

If you require more complex testing, such as:

  • Catecholamine Testing
  • Cortisol Testing
  • Glucose Tolerance or Extended Glucose Tolerance Test
  • Lactose Test
  • Metanephrine Testing

Or you require additional specific support (fainting, needle phobic, disability requiring additional support/adjustment), you need to make an appointment over the phone.

Please make an appointment for these by calling 01204 390923 (Monday to Friday, 10am to 12pm [noon]).

For those booking an appointment for a Paediatric (Child), please call 01204 463190.

Appointments can be booked between 8.45am-4.20pm, Monday-Friday.

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