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January 31, 2024

Parents with newborn babies invited to take part in child development study

  • Parents with newborn babies are invited to join new research study
  • DOLFIN trial is aiming to find out if a food supplement can help with child development
  • Study will look at how children think, communicate, and play

Parents in Bolton with babies that were born early or had difficulties around birth are being invited to take part in a new study that is aiming to find out if a nutritional supplement can help child development.

Researchers at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust have recently joined the DOLFIN study (Developmental Outcomes of Long-term Feed Supplementation in Neonates), which looks at whether the food supplement helps with how children think, communicate and play.

A previous study showed the supplement is safe, but researchers are expanding the study to find out more information and to see if it could be given to other babies in the future.

Affi-Anne Anosike, Neonatal Consultant and Principal Investigator for the DOLFIN study at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said:

Babies that were born early, or had difficulties around their birth, can have a higher risk of development problems.

“This research will help improve our understanding about whether a small food supplement can help with their development.

“It’s up to parents if they want to take part, and our teams are here to answer any questions or to discuss the study in more detail.

“We’re really proud of the research taking place here in Bolton to look at how we can advance the care and treatments we provide for our communities both now and in the future.

The trial asks parents to give the supplement to their baby once a day for one year after their original due date and to fill out a few questions throughout the year.

Half of the babies will be given the supplement and half will receive a dummy supplement, allowing researchers to compare the results.

The supplement contains nutrients from a healthy diet, including small amounts of fish and cow’s milk.

Results from the DOLFIN study will be published in a medical journal and the report will be made available on the study’s website.

To find out how to get involved or for more information on research opportunities at Bolton NHS FT, please get in touch with the Research Team on 01204 390445 or email

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