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May 17, 2024

Bolton NHS changes uniform rules to celebrate inclusivity and focus on infection prevention

Member of staff wearing uniform smiles for a picture in front of wall mural
  • New uniform policy celebrates inclusivity and individuality
  • Focus on continued hygiene and infection, prevention and control measures
  • More communication with patients to empower them and improve health outcomes

Frontline healthcare workers at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust can now express more of their individuality as a new uniform policy is launched to celebrate inclusivity.

A bigger emphasis will be placed on infection prevention and control, such as reducing the spread of germs and disease by regularly washing hands and making sure patients receive clear communication about their care so they feel safe and empowered.

The updated policy, set to be rolled out in the next few weeks, reflects modern attitudes to allow staff to express themselves and to focus more on what really matters to patients.

Tyrone Roberts, Chief Nursing Officer at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said:

Our new policy reflects our move to celebrate inclusivity and allow people to be their whole self in the modern workplace.

“We felt like it was time to bring our policy up to date and reflect some of the changes in attitudes in modern life and to become more inclusive.

“Evidence shows these changes do not increase the risk of spreading germs, and we’ll be placing our focus on handwashing which can massively reduce the spread of infections.

“We also know that good communication with our patients can have really positive health outcomes by providing more understandable information.

“It’s the things that we say and do that matter the most to our patients, so if we can get that right we can also celebrate who we truly are.

What’s out?

  • Restrictions on number of piercings, including facial ones
  • No false eyelashes – as long as they’re natural length, they’re OK
  • Covering tattoos – inoffensive tattoos can be displayed
  • Restrictions on hair colour
  • No trainers – black, non-branded trainers are fine as long as they are flat and fluid repellent

Some guidelines are still in place, including:

  • Hooped earrings – any piercings must be studs
  • Nail varnish (including clear) or nail additions of any kind (gel/acrylic/artificial) – there remains evidence that suggests that there is an infection risk

The trust has several opportunities across a wide variety of roles for people to become part of the Bolton team.

Visit the website for more information and to apply.

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