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  • Royal Bolton Hospital introduces noise-cancelling headphones for patients
June 18, 2024

Royal Bolton Hospital introduces noise-cancelling headphones for patients

  • Royal Bolton Hospital introducing noise-cancelling headphones for patients with vulnerable needs
  • Headphones aim to provide comfort and distraction from busy hospital environments
  • Ten pairs of headphones have been funded through Our Bolton NHS Charity

Noise-cancelling headphones are being provided to people with learning disabilities at Royal Bolton Hospital to help support them in loud and busy environments.

For people with a learning disability, especially those who experience noise sensitivity, hospitals can be an overwhelming experience, which can lead to some patients to avoid receiving healthcare.

Our Bolton NHS Charity has funded ten pairs of the headphones, which anyone can request by speaking to a member of staff or the hospital’s Learning Disability Nurses.

Toni Anderton, Enhanced Care and Support Senior Practitioner at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said:

Many people with autism or cognitive impairment often experience heightened sensitivity to sounds, making every day noises seem overwhelming and distressing.

“Wearing headphones provides a barrier that reduces the intensity of external sounds, helping to create a more soothing and manageable environment.

Member of staff holds noise-cancelling headphones

Kathryn Jackson, Enhanced Care and Support Senior Practitioner at the Trust, added:

People with sensory overload will often use their own coping strategies to avoid too much noise stimulation, but this is extremely difficult in a hospital setting causing more distress to what can already be a difficult time.

“We hope the option of wearing these headphones will improve their experience of visiting us at hospital.

Sarah Skinner, Charity Manager at Our Bolton NHS Charity, said:

Being able to provide these headphones will go some way in providing the best care possible to our most vulnerable patients.

“The anxiety of a busy hospital can be a barrier for some people to access the care and treatments they need, so by reducing sound sensitivity we hope to improve their experience and support better health outcomes.

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust is marking Learning Disability Week 2024 (17-23 June) by highlighting its commitment to providing high quality and accessible services for people with a learning disability.

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