Dr Susan Tadros

Consultant, Neonatal Unit

Professional background

Dr Tadros completed her degree in medicine at the Medical University of Athens in Greece in 1990. She went on to specialise in paediatrics in 1998 at the University General Hospital in Iraklion, Crete, Greece, and then in neonatal intensive care in 2002 at the Children’s Hospital in Aglia Kyriakou, Athens, Greece.

From 2003 Dr Tadros was employed as a consultant in the Children’s ICU at the Athens Medical Centre until 2006, when she then worked for four years in neonatal medicine in the NICU at the General Hospital in Nikia, Greece.

From 2010 to 2011 she worked in the UK at hospitals in Bedford, Stirling and Aberdeen, before continuing her work as a neonatal consultant in the NICU of the Aglaia Kyriakou Children’s Hospital in Athens, Greece. In 2013 she worked at Manchester Royal Infirmary Hospital in the Paediatrics Department and then in the NICU at St Mary’s until August 2014 when she came to work at Bolton NHS FT.

Dr Tadros is fully registered with the UK General Medical Council.

Special interests and research

Dr Tadros has special interst in neonatal ventilation, neonatal nutrition, infection control and parent and staff support.


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Dr Susan Tadros

Consultant, Neonatal Unit

Contact Number

01204 390390 ext 344

Dr Susan Tadros works in the following services:

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