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Acute Paediatrics

Our Acute Paediatric services care for children and young people from birth up to 16 years of age, with many illnesses, conditions and injuries. This includes children and young people who require surgery or high dependency care.

We provide inpatient services for the children and young people of Bolton and surrounding area, and also care for children that on assessment in the Paediatric Assessment and Decision Area (PANDA) at Salford Royal Hospital, are found to require a hospital stay.

We know what a stressful time having a child in hospital can be. Our staff are there to support you at all times and answer any questions you may have.

On arrival at the unit your child will be assessed by a paediatric health care professional.

Your child will then be seen by a doctor or advanced nurse practitioner. Your child may be able to go home after being seen, or they may need a period of observation or some tests.

If they need to stay overnight they will be admitted to the Children and Young Person’s Unit (E5 Ward).

Our Children and Young Person’s Unit is an inpatient ward where children are admitted if they require an overnight stay or longer.

Our unit has 28 beds for babies, children and young people up to the age of 16. This includes 17 cubicles for those who require isolation nursing.

We politely ask that parents/carers do not flush nappies, wipes or sanitary products down the toilet. If you are unsure which bin to use to dispose of these items, please ask a member of staff who will be happy to help.

Use of mobile phones is allowed on the unit, but please keep them on silent to reduce disturbance for other patients on the ward. We politely ask that parents/carers do not take photos or videos of staff, or other patients without their permission.


We currently allow one designated parent or carer to visit at any one time to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection transmission. The designated parent or carer may be able to swap with another parent or carer within the same family bubble, but to maintain only one visitor on the ward at any given time. For example, parents may be able to swap caring responsibilities for the child when a break is needed.

Parents/carers are welcome and encouraged to be on the ward throughout the day and one parent or carer can stay overnight with your child if you wish. We provide chair beds or recliner chairs so you do not need to leave your child’s bedside.

Hospital School

During term time we have a school teacher who provides short teaching sessions for all school age children between 9am-12pm.

The Play Team

Our play team are here to help make sure that you or your child is not upset or worried on your way to theatre or when having blood tests or other procedures. They are specially trained to make it as comfortable an experience as possible.

Meal Times

Meals are provided by the hospital for inpatients and breastfeeding mothers. There’s a restaurant and café on the hospital grounds for parents to buy food.

The ward can supply formula milk, nappies and basic toiletries for the first 24 hrs of admission, but we do ask if you could please bring in your own supply from home following this if your stay is likely to be longer. Whilst we wait for you or your child’s COVID-19 swab results, we will offer the parent/carer meals (this may be subject to change), but when your child’s result is back and is negative this will not be provided.

A safe place for children

The safety and security of your child while they are in the hospital is of the utmost importance to us.

We want to ensure that adequate procedures are in place to safeguard the personal safety of parents/carers, children and young people in our care. To keep your child safe, we have controlled access on our children’s wards.

On entering and exiting the unit, press the intercom with the allocated zone number then the bell and a member of staff will answer. This is all for patient and staff safety.

Name Bands

All patients on the unit are required to wear an identification band during their visit. This is to ensure their safety and security.

Please let the nursing staff know if there is anyone who you do not want to visit your child while they are in hospital. If this changes at any time, please update the nursing staff.

Our outpatient department is based at Bolton One just off the town centre.

We aim to provide an efficient and caring service to meet the health needs of the children in Bolton and neighbouring districts.

We take a child and family centred approach, providing care which considers your child’s complete physical and emotional well-being.  We have staff from a variety of disciplines working as a team to provide care for your child and family.

In addition, there are nurse led clinics that support the medical team offering:

  • Nursed led-blood clinics
  • Play specialist support clinics
  • Skin prick testing
  • Pre-assessment
  • RSV immunisation clinic (synagis)

The department offers x-rays, ECGs and other tests that can be carried out on your visit.

Play and Education

Play has an important role in the life of any child and this applies to children visiting the department. Our Healthcare play specialist is an invaluable member of the team and her input is an important aspect in every area of the child’s care.  If a child is fully prepared in an age appropriate manner they can deal with and understand a potentially frightening/upsetting situation much better.

We encourage a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere for the parents/carers and the child/young person. Activities include arts and crafts, books, games console and toys.

Preparing for your appointment

A parent or legal guardian must accompany the child. For space reasons we prefer no more than two adults. Where possible please do not bring siblings or other children.

Please allow time for travel and parking – aim to arrive in the department 15 minutes before your appointment to allow details to be checked and observations undertaken.

Please bring your appointment letter, current medications and your child health book.

It is important to let us know if your child can not attend their appointment so it can be offered to another patient if appropriate.

Key contact numbers

Children and Young Person's Unit (E5)

Tel: 01204 390405

Short Stay Paediatric Assessment Unit

Tel: 01204 390715

Children's Outpatient's Department

Tel: 01204 462465

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