Audio Resources

Please find below links to useful complementary therapy audio resources for use throughout pregnancy:


Relaxation for a positive pregnancy

This download is suitable to use at all stages of pregnancy. Taking ‘time out’ each day to relax is not only good for you but also good for your baby. If you are not used to taking time out to relax it may feel strange initially but the more time you take to practice the more normal and easier it will become.



The subsequent downloads are designed to be used when you are comfortable with the art of relaxation.

Deepening positive relaxation

This download can be beneficial for women who already practice relaxation, meditation, or yoga or after about two weeks of daily use of the ‘Relaxation for a positive pregnancy’ download.

This download enables you to go into a deep state of relaxation quickly. This can be helpful during certain times in your pregnancy, birth and following birth.



This download is intended to be used from around 35 weeks of pregnancy to help you relax and prepare in a positive way for birth.


Positivity/releasing fears

This download can be used at any stage of pregnancy and builds upon the ‘Relaxation for a positive pregnancy’ download. The focus is on giving your mind positive messages, boosting your confidence and releasing fears prior to birth with the aim of approaching your birth with a positive mind set.


Needle phobia

This download is designed to be used by women who have a needle phobia. It is advisable to use the ‘Deepening positive relaxation’ download for a couple of weeks prior to using this download and it can be used at any stage of pregnancy.