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Our Eye Unit is a recognised centre of excellence offering care to patients from Bolton, Salford and surrounding areas.

The Ophthalmology service cares for adults and children who have eye conditions. We perform several types of eye surgery such as laser treatment and cataract surgery. We can also help you manage long term eye diseases.

We’ve launched a new automated telephone service now available on 01204 487577.

The new number is now the unit’s primary point of contact for both patients and health care providers, directing callers to the most appropriate ophthalmic services in primary and secondary care.

How to access this service?

Your GP, optician or A&E can refer you to this service.

If you’re referred to Ophthalmology, we’ll invite you in for an assessment. During your appointment, we may have to do a few tests. Some of these tests require us to use eye drops that dilate your pupils so the specialist can examine your eyes fully. These might sting for a few seconds.

We see patients of all ages from babies to the elderly, who have a range of eye conditions whether they are longstanding or sudden onset. We use specialist equipment and techniques to investigate vision and eye muscle function.

We may need to perform visual fields or various other specialist tests to aid in diagnosis of potential eye and neurological conditions. Some patients may also need an appointment with an ophthalmologist and/or an optician. They assess and check the health of the inside of the eye, prescribe glasses and arrange further investigative tests if necessary.

What to bring to an appointment?

Appointments last between 20 to 60 minutes but may be longer if you need to see additional clinicians. Please bring with you any glasses you may wear, a list of any/all medications and details of any previous eye treatment.

Whilst a lot of our patients are children we also work with adults who have a range of general health issues which may cause eye conditions for e.g. stroke or multiple sclerosis.

It is not necessary for our patients to be able to read or respond verbally for an assessment to be made.

An advanced ophthalmic technician will carry out all the tests and send them electronically to the doctor’s computer for analysis. The results and next steps will be sent to the patient and their GP soon afterwards. The appointments should take no more than an hour compared with two to three hours at present.

This allows for large numbers of patients to be seen in the community and reduces the length of time that they may wait for an appointment.  This new arrangement will allow doctors to see and treat more patients in the working week.

Our Ophthalmology clinics run at the hospital but we also provide community clinics at Waters Meeting, Lever Chambers, Breightmet Health Centre and Horwich clinic.

To find out more about our community clinics please contact us.

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