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Our highly trained team of pharmacy staff provide a wide range of services which allow us to support our hospital in delivering high quality care.

The pharmacy delivers pharmaceutical care for patients whether admitted as an emergency or for planned treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery.

We support the care of all our patients, on areas across the hospital including the Emergency Department, wards and critical care units, where the very sickest patients are cared for.

Our hospital staff need to obtain a clear record of all the medicines you take, so if you are coming into hospital please bring the following with you:

  • All your medicines; this includes any tablets, creams, liquids, eye drops, inhalers, sprays, insulin, patches and any medicines you have bought including herbal or homeopathic remedies.
  • Your repeat prescription sheet from your GP if available.
  • Medicines in their original packs if possible, with the community pharmacy’s label on them. If you use a tablet organiser/box or a reminder chart please bring that in with you. This helps our staff to confirm the dose you take.

If you forget to bring your medicines or were admitted in an emergency and are unable to, then we may ask your family, carers or visitors to bring them in for you.

Your medicines will be stored in individual lockable bedside cabinets during your stay in hospital. This allows your own regular medication to be used during your stay and it also helps to avoid delays when it is time for you to be discharged.

It is important that you do not take any medications without the hospital staff knowing. All medicines you take in hospital need to be prescribed and will be recorded with what you have taken or been given.

Any new or additional medicines you need will be provided by the hospital pharmacy.

Medicines which are no longer required will be removed and, with your permission, safely destroyed.

Whilst you are in hospital, if you have any questions about your medicines, then please ask one of the ward staff or one of the pharmacy team. Pharmacy staff are available routinely on most wards or can be asked to come and talk to you if you have any medicines related problems or questions.

When you leave hospital please check with the nurse that you have all your medications and/or that you are clear on where to obtain any further supplies.

You should be given at least seven days’ supply of your medication when you leave hospital, along with written and/or verbal instructions. Outside of pharmacy opening times, you may need to return to the hospital the following day to collect your medications so that you can get home without any delay.

We know that patients are given a lot of information while they are in hospital, including if there are any side effects to look out for. We encourage patients and carers/families to ask any questions they may have before they leave hospital.

Where we think it’s important for you to receive some follow-up about your medications after discharge, we may also arrange a healthcare professional to provide that further advice and support. This will be explained to you before you leave.

Pharmacists work alongside doctors to ensure medicine choices meet the needs of patients and are used safely. They apply Trust policies relating to medicines management.

Pharmacy technicians ensure patients’ admission medications are checked, and new supplies made to ensure continuity and efficient discharge, be that to home or to residential/nursing care homes.

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians include patients and their carer’s in conversations to support all aspects of medicines use. This includes answering questions about medicines, supporting patients to take their medicines effectively and providing counselling about medicine taking.

You can collect hospital outpatient prescribed medication outside of working hours using our 24-hour prescription collection point, located outside Royal Bolton Hospital.

This safe, secure and fast way of collecting medication does not replace the pharmacy service within the hospital, but provides an additional outlet to access medication without entering the hospital, when its most convenient.

A parking bay has been placed next to the collection point, which is free for up to 15 minutes.

Prescription collection point

The unit is safe and secure, and based in a well-lit and accessible part of the hospital site, next to A&E on the grassed area in front of our Eye Unit (marked ‘H’ on the map of our site).

If you have any questions about the medicines that you have received from the hospital, you can contact the Medicines Helpline.

We can answer questions about the medicines given to you from hospital such as:

  • How and when should I take them?
  • Will I experience any side effects?
  • Can other medicines be taken at the same time?
  • Can I drink alcohol?

We cannot answer questions about your illness in general, other people’s medicines, or medicines from your own GP.

Please have your medicines to hand when you call.

Key contact numbers


Tel: 01204 390559

Medicines Information

Tel: 01204 390478

Medicines Helpline

Tel: 01204 390927

Bolton One Pharmacy

Tel: 01204 462170

Community Pharmacy Hub

Tel: 01204 337693

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