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January 4, 2023

New hospital service aims to make smoking history in Bolton

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust has become the latest NHS Trust in Greater Manchester to join ‘The CURE Project’ and launch a new tobacco dependency treatment service to help patients go smoke free.

As of January 3 2023, all patients who smoke that are admitted to Royal Bolton Hospital will be offered support to go smoke free, with free nicotine replacement and expert behavioural support from a team of specialist nurses.

When leaving hospital, patients can choose to either continue their smoke free journey with the support of their local community pharmacy.

Anna Muscolino, Senior CURE Specialist Nurse at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said:

I’m delighted that Royal Bolton Hospital is launching this new service to help more patients go smoke free.

“A stay in hospital is often a time where people focus on their health, whether or not they’re being admitted for a smoking-related condition, and there is no greater step a smoker can take to improve their health than stopping smoking.

“Because smoking damages every part of the body, smokers are often at an increased risk of complications from surgery and anaesthetic, which can lead to blood clots, breathing problems and infections. Stopping smoking at any point before medical treatment can greatly improve a person’s recovery and their health in the long-term.

“For those that aren’t quite ready to stop smoking completely, the CURE team will help them make the most of nicotine replacement to make their hospital stay more comfortable as smoking is not permitted anywhere on hospital grounds.

Lynne Green, 64, was seen by the CURE team as an inpatient, and said:

Thanks to the CURE team for their help and support to stop smoking. I have not smoked since my hospital admission which is now over four weeks ago.

“Armed with the knowledge they provided I have encouraged my family to also become smoke free. Since stopping smoking this is the best I have felt in a long time. There is no going back for us now.

The CURE project is supported by the Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership, as part of a whole system approach which aims to Make Smoking History by reducing smoking rates in Greater Manchester.

For access to the latest stop smoking advice, apps and services, visit, speak to your GP or pharmacist, or call the NHS Stop Smoking helpline free on 0300 123 1044.

For more information on stopping smoking before going into hospital, please visit

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