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February 15, 2024

National maternity survey praises Bolton pregnancy care

Findings from a survey of more than 600 women who gave birth in 2023, show that they think staff at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust are amongst the best care providers in Greater Manchester during pregnancy.

The survey involved 121 NHS Trusts in England and is designed to build an understanding of the risk and quality of maternity services and care.

It highlights women’s views on all aspects of their maternity care from the first time they see a clinician or midwife, through to the care provided at home in the weeks following the arrival of their baby.

Published on Friday 9 February 2024, the findings of CQC’s latest national maternity survey capture what people using maternity services in 2023 felt about the care they received while pregnant, during labour and delivery, and once at home in the weeks following the arrival of their baby.

Key findings from the survey include:

What we do well

  • Providing help and advice about feeding their baby
  • Timely discharge
  • Responding to concerns
  • Excellent antenatal care
  • Providing the right information for how to recover after birth

What we can improve on

  • Partners and loved ones being able to stay during their stay
  • The cleanliness of the hospital facilities
  • Taking concerns seriously during labour and birth
  • Providing the right information and advice on the risks associated with an induced labour

The survey has been carried out regularly since 2007, as part of CQC’s NHS patient survey programme.

Tyrone Roberts, Chief Nursing Officer, said:

We welcome the findings of this survey, and recognise that there are some areas highlighted by the families who have accessed our maternity care where we need to make improvements.

“We have already made improvements to our postnatal environment to improve the care provided after birth, which has been well received by families.

“We are pleased to see that we have been named as one of the Trusts in the region with the highest score for care during pregnancy, which reflects the continued professionalism and dedication of our maternity team.

“We recognise there is always more to do, yet our massive reduction in midwifery vacancies and achievement of CNST standards, is testament to the improvements made.

“We will continue to listen, learn and strive to be the very best we can be to improve the care we provide to families.

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey.

For more information about Bolton’s Maternity Services, please visit Bolton NHS Foundation Trust’s website.

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