The Bolton Breast Unit is based at the Royal Bolton Hospital.

Sunflower Suite is the centre for the Bolton, Bury and Rochdale Breast Screening Programme.  The NHS Breast Screening Service aims to invite all women aged between 50-71 for breast screening once every three years.  Nationally, the programme screens 1.3 million women each year and diagnoses about 10,000 breast cancers annually.

The Evergreen Suite provides a high standard of care and a wide range of services including assessment and treatment for all patients with breast problems. The majority of patients seen in the unit are women but men can also be referred with breast problems, 1% of whom have breast cancer.

We use a patient centred approach within a caring and supportive environment where our specialists use the latest diagnostic techniques. We provide a high quality breast service and patient experience is monitored and analysed through the use of local and national patient experience surveys.

Breast cancer is the most common female cancer in the UK, affecting around one in seven women at some time during their life, however, the majority of patients who are seen in the Breast Unit have benign (non-cancerous) breast problems. We aim to see every woman suspected of having a breast cancer within one week of their referral to the unit, and within a maximum of two weeks.  Over 3,700 women are referred to the Breast Unit every year and last year 393 of these were diagnosed with breast cancer.

The team consists of radiologists, surgeons, histopathologists, oncologists, radiographic nursing and clerical staff. Diagnosing and treating breast problems requires a team of experts who are all specialists in their own field.  Some of these specialists have important roles to play in finding and diagnosing cancer, understanding types of breast cancer, and making recommendations about what treatment will do best.  Other team members have important roles in managing your treatment and providing information and support for you and your family throughout your experience of diagnosis, treatment and recovery.