Who we screen and when

The Bolton, Bury and Rochdale Breast Screening Programme covers a population of approximately 103,000 women aged between 50 – 71 and invites over 34,000 women per year for screening. For the last three years, we have been taking part in the national initiative to provide breast screening to women 47-50 and 70-73 so that a proportion of ladies in these age groups will be called for screening. Screening is organised according to your GP practice. Once every three years your GP practice will be contacted and all women between the ages of 50 and 71 will be routinely invited.  

Women aged 50 – 71

Every woman registered with a GP will receive an invitation to attend for a mammogram at her local breast screening unit sometime between her 50th and 53rd birthday. She will then be invited every three years until her 71st birthday. Not every woman will receive an appointment as soon as she is 50. You will receive your first appointment before your 53rd birthday and therefore there is no need to contact us for an appointment. If it has been over three years since your last breast screening appointment then please contact us.  

Women over 71

If it has been 3 or more years since your last mammogram you can self-refer by contacting our office to book an appointment.   

If you are due your routine NHS Breast Screening & receive a letter asking you to make an appointment, please call 01204 390454 to make an appointment.  Breast screening is for Women aged 50-71.  All our screening centres have COVID safety measures in place. All staff wear appropriate PPE, machines are disinfected after every mammogram and appointments have been spaced apart to ensure social distancing measures can be adhered to. If you have any symptoms please do not attend your appointment.   If you have any breast symptoms (such as a lump or nipple discharge) it is important that you see your GP without delay, even if you are due to have a screening mammogram shortly. Please note that for 50-71 year olds screening is strictly by invitation only.