Breast Care Nurses

All our patients are introduced to one of our team of breast care nurse specialists who are registered nurses and have had specialised training in all aspects of breast care.

They are able to assess all needs and provide expert advice and guidance on breast disease, specific cancer treatments and its side effects, and give psychological and emotional support to the patient, carer and family members. To ensure patients and their families have sufficient information when they need it, written information is offered at appropriate stages during the patient’s treatment pathway.

The breast care nurse also takes on the role of the patient’s key worker. The key worker acts as the co-ordinator, by working closely with the specialist surgeons and other clinicians involved in the patient’s care, keeping close contact with the patient from diagnosis and throughout the patient’s care pathway. This offers continuity for patients, carers and families as they have a point of contact for advice and support as they need it and the nurse specialists are able to answer any questions that patients and relatives may have.

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