Clinical Research Team

The clinical research team works on clinical trials to research cancer treatments and run a number of trials for different types of cancer including breast cancer. The Breast Unit works with the research nurses to ensure that all patients are fully aware of and receive detailed information about any opportunities available to them to get involved with clinical trials.

The following is a list of the breast cancer trials we are currently recruiting to at the Royal Bolton Hospital:

PRIMETIME – a study looking at whether some women who are at low risk of developing recurrence of breast cancer, could safely avoid radiotherapy.

TIP – a study to see if taking a short course of a tablet called Rivaroxaban before surgery can reduce the rate at which the cancer cells change.

LORIS – a study to see if women with newly diagnosed low risk Ductal Carcinoma in-situ can safely avoid surgery and just be monitored annually.

POSNOC – a study to decide if women with 1 or 2 positive armpit lymph nodes could safely avoid further armpit surgery.

Pre-BRA – a study to look at pre-pectoral breast reconstruction in women having had a mastectomy.

The SMALL Study – Open Surgery (WLE) versus Minimally invasive vacuum Assisted excision for smaLL screen-detected breast cancer – a phase III randomised multi-centre trial. (Opening in the next few weeks)

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