Radiography team

Advanced Practitioners

Together with being trained mammographers, these staff have trained at MSc level in their speciality. They perform film reading, stereotactic (uses imaging to locate a specific point using three dimensions) and ultrasound biopsies and localisations together with ultrasound examinations. These staff are also mammography trainers.



Mammographers are qualified radiographers who have done further specialist training in mammography. They perform screening and symptomatic mammography together with performing examinations in assessment clinics. They assist with biopsies and localisation procedures. Many of these staff have further additional roles in health and safety, quality management and staff training.


Assistant Practitioners

Assistant practitioners are specifically trained to perform screening mammography only. They also assist the radiologists in the clinical environment.



Their role is to assist the radiologists in the clinical environment. They are also responsible for the preparation of images before and after film reading.