Board of Directors’ Meetings

The Board of Directors’ meetings are held on a monthly basis in public. Meetings are usually held at 9:00am in the Boardroom at the Royal Bolton Hospital, however we would recommend checking the time and venue before attending.

If you are interested in attending one of our Board meetings please contact Esther Steel, Director of Corporate Governance/Trust Secretary, on 01204 390821 or e-mail, especially if you have any particular access requirements. Please click on the link below to read guidance for members of the public attending the public Board meetings.

Guidance for members of the public attending Board meetings [18.4kb] PDF

Please find below dates of the Public Board meetings, and papers where available.


30th January 2020 Board of Directors 30th January 2020 [10.7mb] PDF

27th February 2020 Board of Directors 27th February 2020 [13.0mb] PDF

26th March 2020 Board of Directors 26th March 2020 [831 kb] PDF

30th April 2020 Board of Directors 30th April 2020 [14.0mb] PDF

28th May 2020 Board of Directors 28th May 2020 [13.0mb] PDF

25th June 2020 Board of Directors 25th June 2020 [15.0mb] PDF

30th July 2020 Board of Directors 30th July 2020 [14.0mb] PDF

27th August 2020 – There will not be a meeting in August

24th September 2020 Board of Directors 24th September 2020 [14.0mb] PDF

29th October 2020

26th November 2020

17th December 2020 – There will not be a meeting in December

Board papers are available for the last five years. Papers from before this time, and after our authorisation as a foundation trust in October 2008 can be obtained on request from the Director of Corporate Governance.

Visitor restrictions

To protect you and our staff during the current outbreak of Covid-19 we’ve put in place significant restrictions on hospital visitors.

Full details of these can be found on our website.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and helping us stop the spread of Covid-19.

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